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Yes, it’s true. Royal Crest Dairy now has 2% Lactose Free Milk!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It comes from REAL COWS and is REAL MILK. Try it for yourself and you will be simply amazed.

Royal Crest 2% Lactose-free milk is a milk product that is free of the lactose sugar that is found naturally in milk products. Lactose can be difficult for some people to digest who bodies don’t produce enough of the lactase enzyme that helps with digestion. At Royal Crest we produce lactose-free milk by adding lactase to regular cow's milk creating an easy to digest rich tasting 2% milk. It's the only fresh (non extended shelf life) lactose free milk available in Colorado.

What do we mean by fresh? Fresh means that at Royal Crest we vacuum pasteurize our lactose free the same way as all our other milk products. The “fresh” shelf life is 18 days from bottling. Some dairies use the Ultra Pasteurizing method that heats up the milk to 280 degrees and kills nearly all the bacteria and enzymes that allows those products to last for months without spoiling. You can find Royal Crest 2% Lactose-free milk at a store near you or contact Royal Crest Dairy and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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