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What do you mean  family owned?

The Miller family has been delivering milk to Colorado families for over 100 years. Miller's Sanitary Dairy, founded by Paul Silas Miller in 1910, was located on the west side of the Platte River near Evans Avenue. Mr. Miller took care of the entire operation in one 24-hour period. He would milk the cows, bottle the milk and make deliveries to his customers every day by horse and buggy.  


The Royal Crest Dairy's plant operation was located at 350 S. Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado for over 73 years. In 1999, we opened our new state of the art processing facility in Longmont, CO.  Another plant expansion was completed in 2017 to keep up with our rapid growth. This new plant expansion will allow Royal Crest Dairy and Farmer's All Natural Milk to continue to provide the highest quality products for future generations. Our corporate office is still located at 350 South Pearl Street in Denver.

What do you mean  LOCAL?



Paul R. Miller, grandson of Paul Silas Miller,  guided us into a successful third generation company with branches in Denver, Longmont, and Colorado Springs. We provide Colorado families and businesses with the highest quality milk and freshest dairy products available up and down the Front Range.

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Is your milk organic?

No, we are not certified organic. However, we take great care in selecting our dairy farmers. In independent labs, our milk has passed the organic testing, but since we are not organic certified, we can not say we are organic.

What is your milk pasteurization processing?  

 At Farmer's, taste is everything. We begin with the freshest milk from local grade A producers.  We use an old fashioned vacuum pasteurization process which preserves the natural and fresh taste.  This process takes out some of the natural water and leaves some extra milk solids. What you get is a creamier and richer milk. During packaging, our milk is kept cold and refrigerated the entire time.

What IS Homogenized?

The purpose of homogenization is to break down the fat molecules in milk so that they resist separation. Without homogenization, fat molecules in milk will rise to the top and form a layer of cream. After pasteurization, all of the butter fat is removed, it is then put back in under high PSI pressure.  Depending on what we are bottling, is the amount of fat we put back in. Whole milk we put back in 3.25% fat, 2% we put back in 2.25% fat and so on.


We delivery up and down the Front Range from Fort Collins to Canon City, including Evergreen, Black Hawk and Central City. 

Do you delivery to homes and businesses?     

Yes. Our wholesale department is under the name of Farmer's All Natural. Home delivery is through our parent company Royal Crest Dairy.

How cold should I keep your milk?  

Below 39 degrees. For every degree over 40 that milk reaches, the shelf life is reduced by 24 hours. Even if the milk gets warm and cooled back down, the damage is done and you can start taking days off the expiration date. This is why keeping our milk cold is paramount.

What is the cold supply chain of your milk?   

The milk cold supply chain begins after milking the cow and continues through processing, distribution, sells and consumption. “Keep it cold, keep it clean, keep it moving” is the dairy supply chain's mantra. Tanker trucks that transport the raw milk are heavily insulated to keep the milk cold. Our processing plant is nine miles from the dairy farm.  Milk on your table is 24-28 hours from the cow!

What do the cows eat?   

Ingredients in cow feed vary by season. They are typically alfalfa hay, corn silage, flaked corn, canola cotton seed, brewer's grain (yep, from a local brewery), vitamins and minerals. She drinks about 40 gallons of water every day (that's about a bathtub full of water.)

Why is milk good for you?   

Milk is America's number one source of calcium, vitamins A and D.  It's also an excellent source of vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2), niacin, phosphorus and pantothenic acid. It is one of the most highly regulated foods available.

Is chocolate milk a good sports recovery drink?   

Yes. Chocolate milk is an excellent workout recovery drink  The balance between fats and carbohydrates are better for you than your leading sugar flavored sports drink.








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