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NYE Charcuterie

Ring in the New Year with this fun and on-theme charcuterie board!


  • New Year's Eve cupcakes

  • Werther's Original caramel candies

  • chocolate covered pretzels

  • Danish cookies

  • gold rock candy

  • black rock candy

  • Black Gumballs (1-inch)

  • Shimmer Gold Gumballs (1-inch)

  • Black Sixlets mini chocolate balls 

  • Black Sixlets mini chocolate balls 

  • Shimmer Gold Sixlets mini chocolate balls 


  1. Choose a nice board or platter to arrange your snacks on, and then be sure to pick out enough candy, cupcakes, and other treats to fill your tray.

  2. Begin with placing your centerpiece in the middle of the tray.

  3. Then build out from around your centerpiece, arranging the candies, cookies, and treats in unique, fun, and uniform patterns.

  4. Include a few small bowls or dishes and arrange them on the tray in an attractive way and then fill with the smaller candies for visual interest.

  5. Finish off by filling in any open spaces or holes with smaller candies like Sixlets.

  6. Serve and enjoy!

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