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Milk is the ultimate gym drink...

After a long session pounding the treadmill in the gym, what do you tend to reach for to refresh yourself? The chances are, it’s probably water or a sports drink. But you’d be better off pouring yourself a glass of milk!

To prove that milk is one of the most effective drinks to re-hydrate with, Professor Alice Roberts recruited a team of student volunteers from the University of Birmingham to exercise with her, “then re-hydrate with three different drinks - milk, water and a sports drink. Milk stayed in the system for much longer than water or the sports drink”. The reason, she explains, is because milk releases very slowly into the small intestine, so it is absorbed much more gradually into the bloodstream, helping the body retain fluid for longer. It also has a high number of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, which are lost from the body when sweating. So start sweating and grab a glass of Farmer's All Natural Milk.

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