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In 1884 milk started being stored in glass bottles. Before that, milk was stored in cans and pails.

A Time Before Glass Milk Bottles

Our history of milk delivery begins in the late 1700s, when every family had their own cow. If you were lucky, you might have even had 2 family cows.As industrialization moved people into more urban areas, there wasn’t anywhere to keep a family cow. Houses were smaller and closer together, and people were getting busier.That’s when people began to buy milk from local dairy farmers instead. When dairy farms began to appear more commercially, the milkman would come door to door with a metal barrel full of milk. People would bring out whatever containers they had- jugs, pails, or jars, for example- and the milkman would fill it. The invention of glass bottles changed the dairy delivery scene.In 1878, the first glass milk bottle was patented. It was called the Lester Milk Jar. Milk was sold in glass bottles for the first time a year later, in 1879.Henry D. Thatcher invented a different glass milk bottle design in 1884. His was the first to include a cap. Soon, more people began to create their own versions, and by the 1920s designs and advertisements were etched onto the glass.Homes didn’t have refrigeration at this time, and milk was perishable. Daily milk delivery meant that the milk wouldn’t spoil before people could drink it.The glass bottles made it easier for milkmen to make their deliveries, and for the dairy farms to keep track of how much their customers were paying for it

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