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Cafe Au Lait VS Latte. What makes them different?

If you like lots of milk in your coffee, you’ll have to choose between cafe au lait and cafe latte, But what is the difference between these two drinks ? Aren’t they essentially the same, coffee with milk added to it ? Well, yes and no. Both cafe au lait and cafe latte contain milk, but in different proportions and use different kinds of coffee. A latte is mostly steamed milk, with a shot of espresso and then a thin layer of milk foam is added. Latte art is a common finishing touch. For cafe au lait the amount of milk is not set, the ratio is usually 1:1 coffee to hot milk. There is no steaming of the milk, there is no milk foam, or froth. The milk is just heated, brought almost to the boiling point and poured over brewed coffee.....that's it. No art. Cafe Au Lait is easy to make at home. Add sugar and cocoa for a sweet surprise.


2 cups Farmer's All Natural milk 2 cups strong coffee 1 rounded tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa powder


In a sauce pan or microwave, heat milk over low heat. Pour hot coffee into milk. Combine sugar and cocoa in the coffeepot. Pour the hot milk and coffee back into the coffeepot and stir to combine. Serves 4.

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