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What is Eggnog?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Eggnog is a beverage based on egg and milk that is popular in the United States and Canada and is usually served from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

Eggnog is typically made with milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and brandy, rum, or whiskey. Additional spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla may be added. The drink is so popular that many varieties, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available on the market today, as well as various other eggnog flavored food products.

History of Eggnog

References to eggnog date back to the 1800s when, just as today, it was served as a refreshment during the winter holidays. Eggnog in the 19th century consisted simply of sugar, milk, eggs, brandy, and rum. The beverage was prepared and consumed cold, was not as sweet as its modern counterparts, and was typically much higher in alcohol content.

The true origins of this drink are unknown, but there are a few theories. Eggnog may have developed from one or two other similar drinks of its time, posset or the egg flip. Posset is a spiced mixture of milk and ale that was heated until the milk curdled. Eggs were occasionally added to posset and this may have eventually lead to the development of eggnog. Egg flip is another drink similar to eggnog, which consists of eggs that were mixed, or “flipped”, with spirits, but it contained no milk or dairy.

The name eggnog may have come from the wooden mugs called "noggins", which were often used to drink ale and other alcoholic beverages. Another possible origin of the name comes from an abbreviation of the phrase “egg n’ grog” referring to a drink made with egg and grog. Grog is a term used to describe any alcoholic beverage made with rum.

Modern Eggnog

Because today's milk has a much lower fat content than milk of the 1800’s, cream is often added to create that classic creamy taste and texture. A few low-fat varieties of eggnog are available on the market, which use gelatin, guar gum, or other thickeners to create a cream-like consistency without the fat. Non-alcoholic varieties of eggnog are as popular today as the original alcoholic version.

Vanilla is often added to eggnog today because it compliments the creamy texture. Eggnog is often served with nutmeg or cinnamon grated on top for extra flavor. Whipped cream or white chocolate shavings are also sometimes added to eggnog, making it a true modern dessert beverage.

Dairy-free and vegan versions of eggnog have been popping up on shelves in recent years. These beverages are typically made using soy, rice, coconut, or almond milk and contain flavorings and thickeners to create a taste and texture similar to that of real eggnog.

Eggnog flavor is popular for seasonal milkshakes, coffee drinks, and other food.

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