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It’s said that blondes have more fun, but what about blondies?

Blonde brownies, also known as blondies, are baked bars that replace the cocoa in a brownie with brown sugar for a warm, rich butterscotch-flavored treat. Bars are more filling and substantial than a cookie, and are delicious warmed up with ice cream for an impressive dessert or at room-temperature for a quick snack. For those times when chocolate is just too heavy, lighten up and enjoy a blondie. We celebrate these beautiful bars by baking, eating, sharing, and buying them!

Rumor has it that blondies actually pre-date brownies

Widespread availability of chocolate and cocoa powder is a recent phenomenon, but brown sugar has been around for a long time. In fact, one of the first widely-published brownie recipes came out in 1896—and contained no chocolate. Could it be that blondies are the original brownies? This changes everything.

They show you that you don't need chocolate to have a good time

As difficult as this is to believe, there are some people out there who don't like chocolate (or worse, are allergic to it). What happens when you want a non-chocolate mid-day treat that is more substantial than a cookie, but not as fussy as a cupcake? The blondie has got you covered, and deliciously to boot.

They make the chocolate chips taste better

Let's admit it, sometimes you lose the taste of the chocolate chip if it is in a brownie. In a blondie, however, if you mix-in chocolate chips, those chips really pop. The smooth butterscotch flavor of the blondie allows the chocolate chip to do its thing (just like a great dance partner).

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