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Happy Birthday to the Oreo on March 6th...

What goes best with an Oreo cookie? That would be Farmer's All Natural Milk!

In 1898 there were many companies that came together to make what we now call Nabisco, which is the creator of the Oreo. It was in 1912 (the same year that the Titanic sank and the South Pole was discovered) that they had the idea to start making a new cookie. The idea was to have two round biscuits made of chocolate flavor and filled with creme in between. The first Oreo is still very much like the one we have today only that the design on the biscuit is different.  So how did the cookie get it's name? No one really knows but some have an idea. One of the ideas is that the name came from the compound of cream and chocolate- Oreo. 

Since the Oreo has been around, there has been 362 billion cookies sold which makes it the "best-selling" cookie. The first Oreo sold was in Hoboken, NJ. At this time the packaging of the cookie was a bulk tin and was sold by the weight.

Question: How do you eat your Oreo? Do you know that almost half of the people that eat do what is called the "Twist, Lick, Dunk Ritual?" It is where you take apart the cookie and eat one side first. They say that "women do it more than men."

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